TV Content Development
Skyplus Entertainment and Media Servies is a world class audio-visual production company dedicated to the creation of of quality audio-visual programmes and compelling visual content for corporate, commercial, and entertainment endeavors. From Live events coverage to pre-recorded multi-studio productions, motion pictures reality show, Lifestyle programming, music video, short films and feature length made-for-TV movies are in our vast catalog of content.

TV Commercials
We understand that the effects of television advertising upon the viewing public are undeniably and it is one of the most successful ways to promote a service or product. It is vital that such commercials are done with a creative approach and contains all the elements of successful advertising. Our team of professionals are
committed in providing high definition and quality TV commercials to get your message across and we will ensure a desirable end product broadcast to a large target audience.

Live Streaming
We provide multi-camera live streaming production services & consulting for virtually any type of event. We offer a top notch services for the entire webcasting process: pre-production, broadcast identity design, live encoding, and post-production. We go on location to produce and stream live events, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish. Whether you need to webcast a concert, corporate event, private event, product launch/activation, concert, fashion show, or other live event, we have you covered and we are available 24/7 in Lagos and Nigeria
at large.

This where our service differs from many others in the industry. We are flexible, many of our clients come to us to ‘Make a film’.They have some loose ideas about what they would like to do but that is where our creative services come to the fore. We can help you take the basic ideas through to the full scripting, shooting, editing, voice-over and finished production, all in-house. We can take your basic ideas to a finished production that you will love, in less than a week.